FHA Refinance Cash Out

FHA Streamline with No Appraisal is back!

FHA Streamline:

The FHA streamline refinance is used to lower the monthly interest due on FHA mortgages. In today’s historically low interest rate environment, almost all homeowners are benefiting from this interest rate reduction. In 2010 thousands of our clients just like you saved hundreds of dollars a month. Some of our clients refinance to a lower term, pay their home off faster, and pay the same amount monthly!!! The process is quick and easy with very little documentation required. Click here for a Free Rate Quote. Visit FHA Rates to learn more about current interest rates and information.

Keep in mind to qualify for a FHA Streamline your current loan must be a FHA loan. If your current loan isn’t a FHA loan don’t worry, we have many options. We may be able to do a traditional FHA refinance (see FHA Cash Out guidelines) or perhaps another type of loan.

Benefits of a Cash Out Refinance

  • Refinance up to 85% of your current home value
  • Consolidate and Pay off other high interest debts
  • Lower overall monthly payments
  • Complete Home Improvements
  • Put money in bank for emergency reserve fund
  • No out of pocket closing costs

We also offer FHA streamline refinancing programs as well as other FHA refinancing programs and FHA loans for first time home buyers

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